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Stacey Patino is best known for her poly-chromatic drawings and paintings that explore autobiographical themes and intuitive states of being.

     Stacey Patino was born and raised in the Inland Empire. She earned her Bachelor of Arts while studying both Fine Arts Drawing and Painting and Theater Arts Performance at Riverside City College and California State University Long Beach. She is currently working as an illustrator, muralist, and performance artist. She has featured artwork galleries throughout the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles Counties.


      Stacey has been involved in many artistic communities in Southern California.  She has been a resident artist at Loft Beats Gallery in Pomona and Gallery of the Progressive Arts in Riverside, Ca. Stacey was also a member of the Santa Ana Coalition of Artist(a)s where she collaborated on community based murals and chalk festivals. She is currently a member of Fugitive Kind, a theater arts ensemble that incorporates both visual and performing arts practices.


       She has been actively instructing painting workshops and tutoring clients in the area of art and theater arts. She has also collaborated on various mural projects in Los Angeles, Pomona, San Bernardino, Long Beach and Riverside. Stacey has also curated art shows for the Pomona Art Walk via Loft Beats Art Gallery and the DBA Winebar and Lounge.


     Stacey’s artwork has been described as having a raw quality, which instantly forms a connection with its viewers. Elements of  her Mexican heritage, self documentation, mythology, talismans, and biomorphic forms are often incorporated into her art, giving her work a recognizable style prevalent in many of her pieces.

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